To start a reforger server in Windows, create bat file ("start.bat") in your reforger folder (e.g. S:\Games\ArmaReforger\) and right click "Edit". Add this:

cd S:\Games\ArmaReforger\
start /wait /REALTIME ArmaReforgerServer.exe -config "S:\Games\ArmaReforger\server.json" -profile ArmaReforgerServer

Now create a new file called "server.json" in the same folder and change the entries highlighted
 "dedicatedServerId": "ar-gm-%profilename",
 "region": "EU",
 "gameHostBindAddress": "YOUR SERVER IP",
 "gameHostBindPort": 2001,
 "gameHostRegisterBindAddress": "YOUR SERVER IP",
 "gameHostRegisterPort": 2001,
 "adminPassword" : "YOUR ADMIN PASSWORD",
  "game": {
   "name": "YOUR SERVER NAME",
   "scenarioId": "{59AD59368755F41A}Missions/21_GM_Eden.conf",
    "playerCountLimit": 16,
    "visible": true,
    "password" : "YOUR SERVER PASSWORD maybe?",
    "gameMode": "",
    "supportedGameClientTypes": [
   "gameProperties": {
   "serverMaxViewDistance": 1600,
   "battleEye": true,
   "fastValidation": true
   "mods": [

Now start the server with double click on start.bat. You should add UDP port 2001 to your firewall (both ways).

This is a quick and dirty list. I will update (and format) if there are more infos. Last updated 2130 CEST on 17.05.2022.